Mind Magick Creations
Open your mind to the magick that exists in all creations


Mind Magick Creations, is the art, music and creativity of William J Dorsett and friends.

     The Idea behind MMC is that all people have the aility to create via source energy,
 hence the slogan, "Open your mind to the wondrous magick that exists in all of Creation.
" The basic thought behind this is that the way the mind can create is almost magical in a sense.
Art is but one pure example of this form of self expression,
another example would be music, as well as video and performance arts.
Conceptually everyone has the ability to create something and no one is left out in the ability to manifest
their thoughts into reality.
     William Joseph Dorsett aka (merlinawakend) (The San Diego RoseMan)- the Proprieter of
 Mind Magick Creations.
a,Is an artist, a musician, a writer, a performer, a Philosopher,
a free thinker, a spiritual person, a student, a teacher,  food alchemist,
there is much to this modern day renaissance man. You'll learn more about him and his talented friends
and everything they do on the about page of this website.

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